Fleece Square Braided Rope Tug Toy

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Koah wants you to have fun and save money.

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Three cool and warm earthy toned designs to choose from; Dogberry, Paw Paw, and Shagbark. This toy is square knotted to provide a tougher tug for your dog’s pleasure. Great to have a round or two of tug a war with your best friend. 

New for Spring! YellowBarkOak

Made with 100% no pill polyester fleece. Washable and measures out to approximately 25 inches.

Your canine friend should always be supervised while playing.

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Dogberry, Paw Paw, Shagbark, NobleFur, LovelyFur, PawThorn, YellowBarkOak

4 reviews for Fleece Square Braided Rope Tug Toy

  1. perro feliz

    These are the best!!! If you’re like me you’ll want at least one of every color. 🙂 ~ Koah

    • Koah

      I enjoy the way I get to play with my bestie too! Twice as much fun and I’m real happy you enjoy them. -Koah

  2. Alesha

    These are wonderfully made tough toys. We have one of each color and they all are holding up well and very loved. I highly recommend these tug toys!

    • Koah

      Awroo! I’m so excited that they are holdin’ up well to all that playin’. Glad you like them in all their fun color themes.

  3. Gail P. Schmutz

    These are the best tug toys. They are withstanding my Goldens tugging and chewing. I have not had tug toys that are this quality.

    • Koah

      Thanks for enjoying and playin’ with the tug toys. Prototypes were tested by me personally 😉

  4. Sue Dolezal

    Great tugs for our Standard Poodles. They played with each other with the tug last night versus eating their dinner! Thank you for such a well-made product!

    • Koah

      I am so happy they played so much with the tug toy. Oh boy! Even missing their dinner. Wow! I don’t know if I could pass on dinner to play. That’s pawesome!

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