Koah's Mission:

KoahBerry is an online shop for unique and thoughtful handmade dog products. Art, T-shirts, to dog toys. All products are handmade with care and dedication to make something wonderful for our four-legged best friends.

About KoahBerry:

Awwroo! Hello, my name is Koah and this here online shop is all about handmade dog products that have been inspired by me. My human best friend makes each product with love and care. I get to try everything. By the way, my favorite is the rope toy. I must admit though, I like all the attention I get from her. There are T-shirts, human hats, butters, dog tag jewelry and many other things. All items are handmade with a unique touch to make them wonderful for me, my buddies, and all the dog lovers out there.
Check out my blog to hear my future stories, thoughts about the products, and sometimes just some random dog facts and muses. My human best friend and I look forward to talking with you and creating a gift that is wonderful for humans and dogs alike.