koahberry-koah-dog-car ride-mg-beachAwrooo! I love my car rides! Anytime and anywhere. Woof, even when I have to go to the vet (my doc). Car rides are absolutely thrilling. I could be in my best buds’ car, truck, or lil’ convertible MG. It’s all good.

I love the fact, when we are driving really slow, I can hang my head out the window. Can’t do that when we are goin’ fast because it’s not safe. I could hurt my eye unless I’m wearing sunglasses or goggles, which I’m not a big fan of really. Back to my head being out the window, it really is pawesome. koahberry-dog-koah-car-car rideThere’re so many smells. Like other animals, humans, food, and I could go on and on.

One of the best parts of rides are the places you might go. There could be a hike in the woods, visiting my best buds’ family, going to the store and getting my favorite treats. I think though, the hikes in the woods are my favorite. I get to run or go on a long walk. There’s sniffing out everything. Rocks, trees, shrubs, grasses, dirt, and other stuff.

I also think the automobile is fantastic to be in. It means I’m not left at home. I’m going with my best bud. Maybe it’s just the fact that I get to be with my pack or what you’d call family. We are all together and that’s the most important. Awrooo!

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