It has been snowing and I’ve gotten to play outside in it of course. Been a lot of fun too. But today…today was a soppy, rainy, muddy, mushy day. I was rarely even let out to do my business, if you know what I mean. It was real oahberry-dog-koah-labradoodle-window-insideyucky outside and dreary. Heck, I wouldn’t have minded if my best bud threw the ball out in it, but something tells me she wasn’t havin’ it.

So, here I am stuck inside and bored. Yeah, I’ve got company from my sis, but she can’t really play tug a war with me. She’s too small. Besides that, she just barks at me to go away. She wants her nap or space. Then there’s my best bud but she’ll only play for about an hour or so. She says she’s gotta work. Later on, she’ll do a little training with me but it’s still inside. In my opinion, I’m already good at work and doing my job. It would be a lot more fun to just go outside in the mud anyways.

I even drug out all of my toys to see if my best bud would find them to be as fun as I found them. I paraded them around, squeaked them,koahberry-dog-koah-labradoodle-inside-window shook them back and forth, talked to them a little, and even dropped them right next to her. She may have given them a quick toss or tug, but it’s not enough to keep me from boredom.

I used another tactic to get attention and play. I think all dogs know this one. Sad eyes. Works even better when you whine just a little and sigh. My fellow canines…you know the sad eyes, am I right? It usually always works. About 99% of the time. Well, this is that 1% that it didn’t. Grrr, I mostly get my way. Yet, today is one of those utterly boring days. I guess I will just mope about and lay down by the window. Look out on this dreary day and give heavy sighs.

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