Have you ever experienced jealousy? I know there’s different kinds. I think it’s also different between humans and dogs. I don’t think us dogs care about how good lookin’ we are. Humans spend way too much time on outside appearances. It’s the inside of humans and how they treat others that counts. Am I right?

koahberry-dog-chloe-yorkieNow I’m not saying us dogs don’t like to dress up. That is different. My service vest I like because it shows all the things I can do at work. I’m not jealous of other vests or whether they look better on though. My older but smaller sis, she loves to wear a bunch of clothes. She struts her stuff and I mean she’s very serious about it. Yet, she is not jealous of other dogs and what they look like or are wearing. I just don’t think dogs care about that stuff as much as humans do. Or rather as much as humans care about us having that stuff. Really?! A coat keeps us dry and shoes keep are paws from getting hurt. Some of us dogs don’t even need ‘em.

I can tell you there is some jealousy’s us dogs share with humans. Some of us dogs are different about the way we handle these jealousy’s too. Like toys. When I see another dog playing with a toy, boy am I jealous. I really want it. At that, if another dog has the same toy in its mouth as the toy in my mouth, I’ll want that one instead. It’s the same toy but I think it’s more special. It is right? It has to be more fun or taste better. Matter of fact, I’ll pout if I don’t get it. I’ll even try to steal it. Stealing is wrong though dogs and pups. You will get in trouble and it’s not worth the consequences.koahberry-dog-koah-labradoodle-pet-attention

I have another jealousy issue that I share with humans and it’s not about possessions. It’s about attention. I have two best bud humans in my life and yet I get real jealous when the two are giving attention to each other. It’s not that I prefer one or the other human, I just want the attention all to myself. I mean, awrooo!! You can’t just have a hug between humans and not give us dogs one. I’m right there beside them. I’ll let those best buds of mine know too. I will shove my way in between them, whine, and try to force their hands to pet me. It’s just not fair! And there you have it, pure dog jealousy.

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