I’ve seen this strange thing that goes on with humans. The humans called parents, grandparents, and children have definite names like us dogs do. However, sometimes they have these things called nicknames or the humans sound confused. For example, my best bud, calls one of her elders Mom. That Mom human also has a real name. It’s not really Mom. This Mom human also goes by Nana when there are little humans around called nephew and nieces. It is all so complicated. But you know what? This Mom human in turn calls my best bud by her real name but also others. Sometimes it’s right but then something strange happens. It’s like this Mom human gets really confused and calls my best bud by her brothers’ name or one of her other relatives. There’s also this one time the Mom human said, “Which child are you?” Crazy huh? koahberry-dog-koah-labradoodleUs dogs don’t do that. We know exactly which humans and dogs are in our lives. We can remember scents cause we have good smellers. Wish humans used these. Then they wouldn’t get confused on who is who.

I noticed recently that this mysterious name calling happens to me and my older, yet smaller, sis. Like my best bud will call me by her name or vise versa. There’s also the mixture of our names where Koah and Chloe gets morphed into Kloah. Both my sis and I have been called that, even at the same time! Does this happen to you?

koahberry-dog-chloe-yorkieThere’re names I’m also called that I think are more of the thing called nicknames. I’ve been called Horse, Bud, Buddy, Bud Bud, Sherpa, Fruit Loops, Sparkle Pants, Fruit Cake, Smarty Pants, and there’s more. My older sis gets called Scrap Wagon, Sweetie Pie, Fluff N’ Stuff, Sasquatch, Clawrence, Chlobot, and Stinky. Sometimes I wonder if my best bud just makes up stuff to call us under certain circumstances. You know, like when we haven’t had a bath for awhile or we do funny things to make her laugh. It could possibly be that me and my sis are just adorable and loveable too.

Does your human bud get called different things? What about you? Do you ever get called by a different dogs’ name? Do you have nicknames? Are you bugged by this? I’d really like to hear that I’m not alone in the name callin’. That it’s a common thing that happens in our lives and I don’t mean the good boy or good girl. Definitely not the bad boy name. That one makes me sad and I know that’s what I get called when I’m in trouble. Of course, I’m innocent of all charges. Awrooo!!!

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  1. Elaine on January 31, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I enjoyed reading this so much. Such wisdom in your observations, Koah! We adults should make a greater effort for our furry friends. But you must admit that some of those names are so darn cute…..got to love them.

    • Koah on February 1, 2019 at 6:29 am

      I agree! Lots of names are so very cute. I just confused sometimes. Though, I don’t mind, cause I get a lot of attention.

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