koahberry-dog-stick-tree-koah-labradoodle-playAre you a dog that loves sticks? I know I’m a big fan. All kinds of fun can be had with sticks. There’s running with one, gnawing on it, catching it, playing keep away, and I bet you have some favorite things about sticks that you could list here too.

Sticks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are tons of kinds, or should I say species. (One of my human buds is rolling their eyes at me for saying that.) Species would be a more scientific word and I don’t care for using all the correct wordage. I just used it to sound smart and because my best bud names her fleece rope tug toys after them. She looks up the names of these… “species”. She then uses their common name like Dogberry and Shagbark. Honest, paw up, their real names. I think it’s great cause I love sticks and if these trees are what gives them, then I love the names.


Bella, my cousin.

That’s right, sticks come from trees. Did you know that? Not worried about it, I just sometimes like to mark trees. Let others know it’s my spot or make it my spot. I really didn’t understand that’s where sticks come from. They’re usually just layin’ about on the ground. I have been told that I can’t play with every stick though.Some are in other dog or human territories. I’m also told to leave it cause it’s not the right time to be playing with it.  I have a cousin who hasn’t learned this rule yet like I have.

Trees are wonderful. They are all natural. They are outside in abundance all over the place. It’s like they grow just to shake off a few sticks so us dogs can play with them. Trees also make inside stuff called furniture. Those are not sticks and allowed to be chewed on. That’s another story though. So, to conclude this short read, have some play time with natures gift. Sticks! Awrooo!!


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  1. Elaine on January 31, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    You are such a wise dog, Koah?, Your stick collecting skills would be very helpful for the campfire on a camping trip! Enjoy all the sticks you find.

    • Koah on February 1, 2019 at 6:32 am

      I never thought of helping out my buds with the campfire. Such a great idea! Next time we go camping I’ll give a paw and help out. Thanks for reading Koah’s Tales. I appreciate when others reach out and I get to have conversations with them. Awrooo!

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