I did pretty good during my puppy years and I’m doin’ pretty well for the teenage years going on into doghood. There were no serious cuts or scrapes. No broken bones. A few puppy teeth fell out but that’s normal. I played rough too. Running hard and chewing on every stick I could find. My best bud even got mad when I tried to chew the table leg. Hey, I was young, and I thought it was an inside stick. Didn’t know better.

About when I was two and a half I did have a little accident. I was horsing around outside. Think I was running and jumping near some rocks cause one of my nails cracked down to the quick. It was hanging just a little bit and this strange bone thing jutted out like a point. I was bleeding quite a bit from it too. Sorry if I’m a bit graphic.

The thing is, I didn’t whine or cry out. Heck, you wouldn’t even know somethin’ happened. That is until my best bud seen. Once she noticed it, I broke loose. I started whining and limping. Guess I was trying to soak up as much sympathy as I could. She cleaned it up, wrapped a bandage around it, and put a sock on that paw. You won’t believe what happened next. I had to go to my doctor. Which he made me very drowsy and I fell asleep. All I know, is when I woke up, the nail was completely gone.

I took it easy for the next few days, but I was up and running around again. Actually, like nothing happened. So, I consider myself lucky and in good shape. I also really appreciated my best bud for attending to me. It was real nice getting puppied and treats.

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