It’s easy peasy to catch a ball. Especially if it’s thrown right. Yeah, I know, sometimes you have to run for it and it lands before you can get the snowball in the air. It bounces in weird directions and your surprised at which way it went.
Here’s a question for all you dogs out there about balls. Have you ever tried to catch a snowball? A real snowball? It’s a blast trying to catch one in the air. For that matter, trying to find the snowball if it lands. You never do. Instead you beg your buddy to throw another one and then another one.

Snowballs are tricky. Real tricky. Sometimes the ball just falls apart in the air and you never catch it. Sometimes the snowball is hard and you crush to eat it, yes eat, especially when you catch it in your mouth. Other snowballs land and you can’t find it in the snow however you try to sniff it out. It is a mystery to me and sometimes so frustrating. I wanna be able to find it to return the ball, only to have be thrown again. Somehow though, my best bud, has an infinity amount to keep throwing. Guess it’s not as bad as I’m making it.

So, if you ever get the chance, go play in the snow and have your best bud throw some snowballs. You’ll have a blast and get some great exercise Hey, you might even be able to make some dog angels. Awroooo!!

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