Ball! Ohhh…. ball, ball, ball! One of my favorite words. A favorite thing! It bounces and goes really far when my best bud throws it. It’s the most wonderful playtime ever. There’s a variety of colors and sizes, but I don’t care, I want them all. My favorite are the ones humans make and use in their game. Now what was that called? Oh yeah, tennis.
Who knew that I could get such pleasure at chasing that silly thing down. I can understand why humans play with it so much. Though why use large sticks when you can chew on it in your mouth. Better yet, try and catch it in the air. Now that’s a sport! None of this tossing the ball back and forth hitting it. I mean…COME ON! You gotta taste it, claim it, make it yours. Can you believe that humans don’t even smell it? Who heard of such nonsense?
Now I know there are a lot of toys out there, but I gotta say, the tennis ball is the best. It’s compactable and can travel. It floats! So, I can swim and play catch with it in the water. There’s even the competition of trying to get it first when your family and friends are playing with you too. You can hide them under the porch and be pleasantly surprised to find it later. It’s a great distraction while your best buds mate is trying to grill some food and you force it in his hand. I should say, the goodness and the pure pleasure of a tennis ball outweighs a bad day. Hey, I got like fifty of ‘em. Can’t find them all but they’re out there somewhere in the yard. Hmm…. perhaps in the neighbor’s yard too.

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