Hello to ya’ll! I hope you all are enjoying playin’ with your best pals. It’s always a good time to play, am I right? I’m very good at it or should I say I like it the best. Don’t know if that is the Labrador in me or the poodle. I can tell you though that I’m quite different than my adopted sister, Chloe, and one of my distant cousins, Bella. My adoptive sister is a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and my cousin is a Boxer. Bet you know which one has crazy energy or can argue it. Me? I’m a little laid back at times. I like my space, my bed, and not all the kisses I get from my sister. (Why is it that little dogs have such crazy long tongues?) Guess we all have our traits that are awesome and different.

For Instance, they say Labradoodles don’t shed. Ha! I do! It’s cause I’m wire-haired and take after the Labrador retriever in me. Heck, I don’t mind though. I get brushed a lot and a spa kind of treatment every few weeks. Oh, how I love it when that spot I can’t reach gets those wire bristles on it from my brush! My leg goes outa control, but I can’t help it. Feels so good!

They also say the reason I’m so smart is the poodle in me. I wonder though, Labs are pretty smart too. I think all my relatives are. Those humans can keep those opinions to themselves. All dogs can be great, we just learn differently, and that depends on patience and understanding. Ha Ha! My philosophical thought of the day. See, I’m up there in the know.

Come to think of it, sometimes I get mistaken for a small, but chunky Irish Wolfhound. I’ve never met one but sure would like to. Kinda funny they are so tall and I’m on the short side. Guess we have similarities. The pictures I’ve seen are some pretty good lookin’ dogs. I gotta say, it’s a compliment and nice to be considered so handsome. (That’s what I’m told a lot.) I think it’s my personality my best friend likes so much though. That makes me feel, well, just wonderful. I’m easy going, like to play, I listen with comfort, and I like helping her when she needs it. (All that service dog training. Another time to talk about.)

So, whether it’s the poodle or Labrador retriever, I’m just me. I’m accepted for just that. Isn’t that the way it should be? Love to all breeds and the differences between us.


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Awwroo! Hello, my name is Koah

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  1. Brian E Berry on October 17, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    good to meet you Koah! What a great message.

  2. Elaine on November 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Koah! I love how you embrace and appreciate how every dog is different and yet can be so similar. You are a very smart boy. It is a pleasure to meet you.

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